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How To Choose Your Web Development Company

So you’ve finished planning your website – now you’re ready to select a website design/development company to build your masterpeice. For a moment let’s compare a website to a car – after all both can be expensive long term investments, and important assets to your life/business. When searching for a web development company you try to shop around while having to talk to salesman who upsell you every chance they get, have to read contracts you don’t understand,  then have to put your faith in a company you don’t really know – who you can only hope will not let…

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What To Consider When Planning Your New Website

Your company or organization is ready to step up and join the internet – or you’re ready to upgrade your existing website. Either way congratulations! Building and/or upgrading a website can have a significant positive impact on your overall business, both in direct metrics like sales, and indirect metrics like customer satisfaction. Where to start? If you’re thinking the next thing you need to do is hire a web design company – stop. You’re not ready for that yet. Yes you need to eventually get expert input & recommendations, but for the time being try to brainstorm what you want…

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