What To Consider When Planning A New Website

So your company or organization is ready to step up and join the internet – or you’re ready to upgrade your existing presence – either way congratulations! Building and/or upgrading a website can have a significant positive impact on your overall business, both in direct metrics like sales, and indirect metrics like business identity and customer satisfaction.

Where to start? If you’re thinking the next thing you need to do is hire a web design company – stop. You’re not ready for that yet.

Yes you eventually need expert input & recommendations, but for the time being try to brainstorm what you want as a company. While web design companies can offer expert recommendations, you are the foremost expert on both your business and what your website needs to accomplish to satisfy your existing & future clients, while being an effective business tool

Here are basic elements every company website should contain:

  • Company logo (usually on the top of every page)
  • Company Address (usually on the bottom of every page)
  • Phone number (usually on both the top and bottom of every page)
  • Customer Service/Sales Email Address (usually on the bottom of every page)
  • Hours of Operation (either on the bottom, or on your about/locations page)

Here are basic pages every company website should contain:

  • About Us – Explain your past future and present. Differentiate yourself.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – Very helpful to your visitors!
  • Contact Us – With a clear way to call, email and locate your business. Hours too!

Once you get past the basics, you have to ask yourself a few very important questions:

  • Who are our current & potential clients?
  • What goals are these people trying to accomplish?
  • What can I do to make it easier for customers to accomplish these goals?
  • What questions are they asking? What are their pain points?
  • What are the answers to these questions? How can we help them?
  • How can we help earn people’s trust?
  • How can our site better serve our customers?

These questions are what start productive internal conversation, and lead to great answers. It sounds simple – you match solutions to customers problems, but it’s not simple. Most companies don’t think these things through, and end up with websites that act as basic brochures and go on and on about how great the company is, but fail to speak to the needs of their audience and fail to perform as an effective business tool.

In Closing

Start your website journey from the perspective of making your clients happy. Ask some really good questions internally and come up with realistic goals that will make your website an effective business tool. Once you have the business side of things done, a good website design company will be able to effectively create the tool your business needs.

Next Step: Hiring The Right Website Design Company