D11 Football

Project Description

Dean came to LVS looking for an updated look for his very dated website. He also needed a better alternative to MS Frontpage, which is what he was using to manage his website. He did not have a large budget, so we had to find an effective yet inexpensive solution.

Based on Dean’s needs, LVS set out to find the best possible solution to solve his website problems. We created a simple redesign that would make his website much more organized & clean, while rolling his website out to a wordpress CMS. WordPress allowed Dean to simply & effectively manage his website. We were even able to set up a special functionality where he was able to email stories to a special email address, which would then be posted to his website. This was done before Dean had a smartphone.

LVS delivered a clean & manageable website. Dean was able to spend more time watching his games rather than having to fight with his website.

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