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Display advertising is different from search engine marketing because there are no search keywords involved. With Display, you’re presenting advertising to people not necessarily searching for anything in particular. Because of this fact, the strategy is usually fundamentally different from search, as you’re actively trying to convince people to click your ads.

In simpler terms – in search you’re trying to answer a specific question asked by searchers while they are on the search engine website, while in display you’re trying to convince web surfers visiting specific websites (or website categories) that they have a problem and you are their solution. You’re utilizing contextual, image and even video ads to get them to click & buy from you.

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How Display Advertising Can Help Your Business

The Google content network alone is used on roughly 80% of all websites on the internet. By utilizing Google Adwords, we can place your ad on an immense list of websites with relative ease. The great thing about Google’s network is you can choose limit your  ads to show on certain pages of a website, to certain people based on their location, and at certain times of the day. These features make display advertising a very powerful customer acquisition tool.

Here are some websites currently participating in the Google Content Network that you can have an ad placed on:

Our Process Is As Follows:

  • We research & analyze your business to understand your market, competition, issues  and opportunities.
  • We contrast your products & services against your target customer profiles – from this we’ll create a marketing plan. This plan includes how we’ll reach your customers,  how we’ll get them to buy from you, and how we’ll measure progress
  • Once we have your feedback & approval, we’ll execute this plan, which typically involves updating your existing website, then getting your ads/creatives included in websites that your target customers frequent.

At the end of the day our goal is to help your business utilize your website as a business tool. We want to ensure your website is generating emails & phone calls for your business & get your website in front of the people searching for what you have to offer, with the end result being a return on your marketing investment.

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