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Email marketing is the simple act of sending email messages to active & prospective clients, with goals typically centering around selling products, branding and/or sending out information.

Why Mailing Lists Are Critical

Your mailing list is the list of customer emails you send your email messages to.  The best and most valuable lists are built over-time, and contain very targeted email accounts, and are usually segmented into past, existing and potential clients, as well as other attributes/demographics. You can either build your list via a signup form on your website, via contests, social media, etc.

Mail is great because of two major reasons:

  • It’s platform independent
  • Nearly every single person online has an email account

You can opt to utilize software on your server, or pay a mail software provider to manage your email marketing list. The major detail here is that your email list is software independent – meaning you can use your list on many different providers, such as iContact, Mailchimp, Aweber, etc.

If we were to contrast this against your Facebook or Twitter, you are absolutely locked into their respective platforms. You cannot take your contacts to any other platforms – if you invest heavily into getting Facebook friends and your account gets canceled or stolen, you’re at the mercy of Facebook to have your account restored. With Facebook, you also have to pay for status updates once your followers reach a certain size.

How Email Marketing Can Help Your Business

We’ve established that email marketing gives you the most ownership over your subscriber list, now let’s talk about how this list can help your bottom line.

  • Once you add a mailing list to your website, you can easily (and freely) start building your list right away. Mailchimp offers a completely free plan if you send out to less than 2500 messages per month, and hosting your own software is also free, less any time it takes to set up & manage internally.
  • To quickly build your list, you can run a contest, giveaway, or simply create an asset people will want to download. In each example you would create a signup form and include an option for them to be added to your mailing list. As the people are signing up for your contests or downloads, you’ll be building your list.
  • Once you’ve built a good-sized list you can start sending out company updates, offers and even helpful information with the goal of selling (offers), front of mind (updates) and getting your updates shared (information). The goal here is increased business.

Companies that offer services like Plumbers, Painters, etc get significant value from sending out updates to their past & existing customers because these customers will likely need similar services again, or have family/friends who are in need of your services. Companies that offer products such as Clothing, Furniture, etc also get a big benefit by offering new products & coupons via newsletters to drive purchases and/or shares to family & friends.

Whatever your business model may be – email marketing is powerful and can lead to increasing your bottom line with sound planning & execution.

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