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The internet is used by millions of people every day. These people can easily join or create a website enabling them to create content other people can read, and get that content listed in search engines quite easily. Think about that for a minute: everyone has a soapbox they can virtually stand up on and announce their thoughts to the world. While most people act responsibly, some don’t – and end up publishing not-so-nice things about people or companies that range from completely true to totally made up. That’s a lot of power for your everyday web surfer.

Some Examples Of Common Reputation Issues

Every day honest, hardworking companies end up on the wrong side of reputation issues at no fault of their own. Here are some examples of how you may end up in need of reputation management:

1. Company Name Mix Up

You have a company named handyman roofing, and another company named handyman roofing across the nation does a really bad roofing job that creates an extremely irate customer. This customer goes to ripoffreport and creates a detailed & angry post about a company named handyman roofing. A week goes by and suddenly when you type in “handyman roofing” you’re seeing a search result right below your company listing with “scam”, “ripoff” and “terrible company” in bold letters in the title. This will be seen by your potential customers when they type in your company name. You may need our help.

2. Company Owner Name Mix Up

You own a company and you’re name is all over the company website. You happen to share your name with other people around the world. One of the people who share your name ends up getting arrested for a nasty crime. The next week you do a search for your name and on the first page there’s your name with some very disturbing or graphic crimes in the listing title. You may need our help.

3. Responding To Direct Reviews & Customer Feedback

You have a Facebook page, and one day you get a public message on your wall explaining that you completed a project or shipped a product, and the client was extremely dissatisfied. How you respond to this negative comment is crucial – You may need our help.

How Reputation Management Can Help Your Business

Your company reputation is incredibly important. You’ve spent years creating happy customers. Having search engine results pages list negative & untrue things about you can significantly impact business. People often compare before buying, and a negative listing whether it applies to you or not will stand out like a sore thumb, and will make potential customers think twice about contacting you.

Our Reputation Management Process Is As Follows:

  • We analyze the web and find any negative citations or mentions about your company
  • We work on removing these listings via various legal removal methods
  • We create a plan that involves creating new websites/profiles & getting them ranked for your brand keywords
  • We then push new listings up the search engine results page, which pushes the negative reviews down past the first and potentially second search engine result pages.

At the end of the day our goal is to help you manage your company reputation by controlling what people see, and therefore their perception of your company. We only work on projects where legitimate and honest people & companies are being negatively impacted by honest mistakes or outright abusive people. 

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